By 2021, the number of video cameras in Los Cabos will double

By 2021, the number of video cameras in Los Cabos will double; in 3 years there will be 1,200, it is anticipated

The C2 unit contemplates a program that will allow street surveys in Los Cabos; this year will close with 208 cameras installed.

When appearing before the members of the Cabildo, the director of the Control and Monitoring Center (C2) in Los Cabos, Jesus Manuel Garcia Meza reported that this 2021 will close with double the number of video surveillance cameras in the municipality; in addition, it is estimated that it could increase to 1,200 equipment placed in the next 3 years.

“We have a problem of traffic accidents, that’s why we said ‘we are going to integrate 100 more cameras’, but they are going to be in the traffic lights […] we are going to have at the end of this year 208 cameras, what in the last (administration) was 108, in these 3 months we are already going to have 100 more cameras”, he expressed.

In this regard, the C2 official presented an analysis that addresses the placement of 400 digital video tools in the municipality’s streets by 2022, which was contemplated in the Annual Operating Program (POA).

“In the 2022 part of the POAS I am adding 400 more cameras, but I want to reach […] this triennium with 1,200 cameras, that is what we want to bet on, but not only 1,200 cameras, because if I put 1,200 cameras I would have to have 1,200 monitors […] we will integrate it with software that allows you to detect smoke, traffic accidents, suspicious people, because the technology is already very advanced,” he added.

Finally, he was asked if the personnel currently working at the C2 in Los Cabos was sufficient, to which the director commented: “At the moment, no, there are not enough, I would like to have more personnel, but it is important to comply with a profile”.

In the meantime, it was said that work will be done in December on the placement of the 100 cameras planned, which will be located in areas of affluence such as banks and stores; it is also planned to continue working with drones and the installation of the platform.

With information from BCS Noticias