BCS Young get into Harvard; Wait for scholarship – achieved one of the best grades in the world

A young achieved one of the best grades in the world to get into Harvard; wait for scholarship

Jaír, a young man from Baja California Sur, achieved one of the best marks in the world in his entrance exam to the famous Harvard University

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). A young man from La Paz recently achieved an almost perfect score on the Scholastic Assessmente Test (SAT), placing himself as one of the best in the world who has taken his application exam to enter the famous Harvard University, in the United States; He is currently waiting to receive a scholarship after his positive results and thus be able to join.

“Proud of my brother Jaír for achieving an unmatched SAT score, the score he needed to be able to enter Harvard on a full scholarship. Without a doubt so many hours studying and so many sacrifices today are worth it ”, expressed his brother TikToker (with almost 10 million followers), Vladimir Russian.

Likewise, the famous Tiktokero continued to remember when his brother was little, emphasizing how proud he is of him for his great effort: “Today, Jair proves that a child living in a small town in Baja California Sur can achieve what he sets out to do, it’s all about to preserve and work giving everything every day ”, he commented.

The results of the scholarship, after his feat in one of the best and most recognized universities in the world, would be announced in the following months; Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Baja California Sur and thousands of users on social networks have sent hundreds of congratulatory messages to the exemplary student.