Hotel rates increased this year; $40 more than in 2019

Average hotel rates in Los Cabos have increased this year

The average rate increased $40 more than in 2019, part of this is due to the luxury infrastructure in Los Cabos

Data from the Los Cabos Hotel Association show that the average rate increased by $40 this 2021, a figure higher than that obtained in 2019, said the executive president of the organization, Lilzi Orcí Fregoso; it is expected that the luxury sector will continue to increase between now and 2024, she said

“We Los Cabos have the highest average rate nationally and it is because of the type of infrastructure we have […] the average rate is around 300 dollars, we are at 306 dollars, also 40 dollars above 2019, which is something very good,” he stated.

In this regard, the businesswoman pointed out that, in order to achieve the increase in average costs, it was agreed among the members of the association “not to cheapen the destination”, which included not lowering fares or offering 2×1 promotions.

“Then it is much more difficult to recover from this drop in rates. The tourist was ready to travel and if he had the means so to speak, it was not like an economic crisis where, even if he wanted to, he could not,” he added.

Finally, Lilzi Orci reiterated that, in recent years, most of the properties that have come to Los Cabos are luxury, which allows positioning the destination as premium.

“The infrastructure that Los Cabos has, in recent years, most of the properties that have arrived have been luxury, and those that we have to open between now and 2024 are also luxury, which consolidates Los Cabos as a premium destination,” he concluded.

With information from Cabo Mil