400 sea turtles hatched in Cabo San Lucas; Red de Protección guarded their return to the sea

400 sea turtles hatched in Cabo San Lucas

400 sea turtles were released this weekend, belonging to the last hatching of nests in the Cabo San Lucas hatchery.

This past weekend, specifically on Saturday, December 4th, hundreds of olive ridley turtles were released off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, after a new nest cleaning day by the Sea Turtle Protection Network in the municipality.

“Ending the day with the release of 400 olive ridley turtles. We are about to finish the hatching of the last nests in the nursery, it was an afternoon of cleaning nests and capturing information for the database,” explained Carlos Villalobos, a member of the network.

In the images released -which have already accumulated dozens of reactions- a line of small specimens can be seen heading towards the sea, leaving small marks in the sand.

At the end of November, 86 fertile eggs were collected from a leatherback turtle nest, the first nest of the season; these animals are expected to hatch within 2 months.

Both pieces of news were well received by the inhabitants of the municipality of Los Cabos, who celebrated the actions of the Protection Network and sent messages wishing for a “successful hatching”.

With information from BCS Noticias