Travelers from all over the world; come to enjoy the desert and sea that meets here, mixing with a party atmosphere.

Visiting Cabo San Lucas equals having a good time with your friendsfamily or couple It’s not just about the beach but plenty options to continue your adventure.

With a wide variety of restaurants, Cabo San Lucas becomes one of the places you must visit to know the Mexican kitchen flavour.

Short and cheap flights from the US make easier to visit Cabo San Lucas in a improvised vacations, or you can also travel by road.

This and more to discover is what make Cabo San Lucas the number 1 choice for national and international tourists looking for a place to have fun and vacation.


Most business open early morning. It is possible to find activities like water taxi, jet ski, tours to the arch, fishing and more just walking on the marina and surroundings.

Places to have breakfast are also located on the beach.

Most hotels are in the downtown area which means 5 minutes walking from the closest beach “the Medano”.

Other beaches you can visit in Cabo San Lucas are Lovers Beach, the Beach of Divorce, El Farito, Widos Beach, sigh beach, La empacadora.

Later in the afternoon you can find casinos, malls, movie theatres open. All these also located in downtown.

At night you can find clubs and bars open, great places to have a drink and hang out, some of these also have food available.


Located to the south of the peninsula , limiting the municipality of La Paz to the north; to the south and east with the Gulf of California and west with the Pacific Ocean45 kilometres from SJD Airport (35 to 45 minutes approx in the road).

Cactus, choyas, badger, striped skunk, coyote, gray fox, american cougar, bobcat, mule deer, raccoon, rabbit, bat are some of the native species that inhabit our desertic zones while turtles, stingrays, seals, sharks, marlin, whales, tuna and a great variety of fish inhabit our oceans.


With a climate that varies smoothly throughout the year the temperature generally varies from 16 ° C to 35 ° C.

December – April

Perfect season to see whales arriving our port escaping from coldest climatesFamily holidays on December and spring break on April are really fun in cabo, with too many things to do it’s one of the favourites for the most of our visitors.

May – July

Summers are long, very hot and cloudy ideal time to travel as a family. It is the season with the driest climate great for tanning and doing activities outside.

August – September

Rainy season and winters are comfortabledry, and partly cloudy. Best time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas if you want to avoid the crowds. At this time of year you will also find some of the lowest prices in hotels.

October – November

If you want to do Snorkel or scuba diving this the perfect time due to weather, waters are still warm and have maximum visibility, making viewing brilliant tropical fish easy and incredibly rewarding.