There are 4 hotel chains interested in La Paz; will double to 2 million tourists: Emprohotur

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The President of the Association of Hotel Companies, Touristists of La Paz(Emprohotur),  Agustín Olachea Nogueda mentioned that 4 hotel chains are interested in reaching the municipality, which are of foreign origin; he also said that, the arrival of these companies will double the arrival of tourists to the capital of Baja California Sur; that is, if in a year La Paz receives 1 million vacationers, this number will increase to 2 million, said the entrepreneur.

“It’s like 4 chains coming, they’re going to do the ads next year. If we have arrivals now, in 2019, we reached 1 million passengers at La Paz airport, I amsure that, with the new international flights coming and with the newhotel chains, I think by 2023 or 2024 if we were easily reaching 2 million passengers,” he said.

In this sense, it advanced that the Habitat group is one of the hotel chains to settle in La Paz, as well as 3 more, which have hotels in places such as Chicago, New York, and states such as Merida,  Puebla and Guadalajara. Similarly, he said Habitat will open its doors next January 2021.

“A (chain) that has just entered opens its doors in January that is the Habitat group,it is already a fact and  the Habitat group is a very important chain that manages a niche market, they are very successful in the places where they build their hotels; they have them in Mexico City, in Puebla, in Guadalajara, in Merida; they have it in Chicago, new York, and now they’re coming to La Paz now in January,” he said.

On the other hand, it recalled that the hotel occupation in La Paz was gradually recovering after the economic crisis left by COVID-19, so October closed with 44% capacity of 50% allowed, a quantity it held, ensuring that it was one of the best months for the city.

“We closed the month of October with 44% occupancy, which fills us with satisfaction because we are reaching the closest to what we were authorized to do is 50%, reaching exactly 50% is complicated; if we are in the rank as we are right now at 44%, in the month of October, which is not one of the months of high demand such as Easter as it can be summer, the truth is that fate is responding,” he said.

Finally, he congratulated the hoteliers of La Paz for tying up health measures recommended by the health sector, in order to ensure safety and confidence for tourists visiting the capital of Baja California Sur.

“It is responding to this great solidarity on the part of hoteliers and tour service providers who have established all security protocols to offer La Paz as a safe destination,” he concluded.