Tourists got rescued after accident, in La Paz

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The rescue was carried out this weekend in the vicinity of Gaviota Island, in Baja California Sur this weekend the rescue of 2 tourists of French and Mexican nationality who were left on an island of Baja California Sur, after his boat collided with a rock, which began to enter water, reported the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar).


The above originated after a call was made requesting support for the rescue of 2 vacationers; both carried out recreational activities in a kayak, but a mishap caused access to water, remaining sheltered on Gaviota Island.


Therefore, the immediate departure of a class vessel was ordered Defend , same that upon arriving at the meeting point, carried out the evacuation and transfer of tourists to the facilities of the Second Naval Zone.

Naval Hospital Staff Of La Paz proceeded to carry out his medical evaluation, without showing any affectations, so they withdrew by their own means, detailed the statement from Semar.


Finally, the corporation endorsed its commitment to safeguard human life, always in strict adherence to Human Rights.