Los Cabos has a better chance of connecting midwest to the U.S.: Fiturca

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New markets will open this winter between Los Cabos and the United States; you have a better chance of direct routes with the Midwest, the Director of Fiturca said
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS).

The director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust(Fiturca)Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares noted that there is a greater opportunity for air connectivity with the Midwest of the United States, highlighting destinations such as Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Nashville; in addition, to point out that they are in talks to have new seasonal markets, such as Las Vegas.

“We’re having a lot of new markets that we’re talking about, we’re going to have a flight again in Milwaukee winter, you have in Las Vegas negotiation, which is more than summer; of the West Coast, of California almost all airports that have migration and direct route, we needed Sacramento. Where we have the most chance of direct routes is in the Midwest, in cities like Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Nashville said.

He recalled that, in past months, he had the direct air route Los Cabos- New York, which has 4 lines and that they will have 4,500 seats directly to the destination, weekly.

As for the new connections of the national market, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares stated that there are cities that are in the spotlight and, in fact, there have already been talks, such as Puebla and Ciudad Juárez. It added that, as regards the recovery of aircraft seats, they had already been restored during 2019.

“In the domestic market we already have the same seats as in 2019; in terms of international, we have already passed the number of the previous year of the United States segment over the next 6 months. In September, for example, we had the same number, almost of domestic and foreign visitors, there were about 49,000, both; that is, 80% of visitors who came in that month in the previous year and 60% of international visitors,” he added.

In conclusion, the Director of Fiturca celebrated that there is a great demand to visit Los Cabos,hence it has been reflected that there have been new routes of NewYork, from Austin, Texas, Phoenix, and Sacramento; ; in addition, he said, you also have the Guadalajara of Mexico City aeromexico airline, and even, he commented, it is being talked about so that some routes increase in an additional way.