BCS will close 2020 recovering 70% of its tourism; will be 3 million travelers: Setues

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This year there will be a arrival of 3 million visitors in Baja California Sur; 70% of tourism would be recovered, Setuessaid.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The Secretary of Tourism, Economy andSustainability (Setues)of Baja California Sur Luis Humberto Araiza stated that they hope to complete this 2020 with a recovery of tourism of 70%, following the impact that the pandemic has had on the destination, that is, they plan the visit of 3 million people compared to 2019.

“Last year, in Baja California Sur we closed with the visit of 4,200,000 visitors, considering airway and cruisers, however, this year it fell dramatically by about 80%, and in the off-season flights fell by up to 50%, but does not represent the full of what is coming, as it will be 70%, that is, about 3 million” Said.

Luis Araiza emphasized that, according to the projection they had in the entity, they first considered recovering the national market, however, he was surprised that the first sector of tourism that was recovered, was the luxury one; in addition, he commented that the entity and in particular, the municipality of Los Cabos has generated great confidence in visitors by the various certifications that they have been implementing in the products and services.  

“The change at the COVID Traffic Light has allowed more visitors to arrive, through more flights, which has led to larger bookings. There is optimism for Baja California Sur, who pay to trust, to certainty for investment, as we are seeing today and is transmitting good signals and facts like the one we did right now to deliver clean point certifications.

“We have about 500 clean point companies, as there are several companies that have several business units, so, in total, we have just over 1,000 certifications which puts us nationally as a destination with higher certifications thanks to the support of the tourism entrepreneur,” concluded the Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability of the State of Baja California Sur, Luis Humberto Araiza.