La Paz and Los Cabos among the 3 safest destinations for tourism in Mexico: Estudio

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Both Destinations in Baja California Sur have an excellent safety rating, as revealed by visitors’ own perception.

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). Starting this week, it was highlighted that there are 2 South African destinations that are located as the cities with the least insecurity in the country, being La Paz and Los Cabos, announced the holder of the Secretary of Tourism, Economy andSustainability (Setues), Luis Humberto Araiza López.

“Safe tourist destinations are key to Mexico’s economic recovery,” the official said in sharing the statistics conducted by the Anáhuac Center for Tourism Research and Competitiveness (CICOTUR).

In the list, the capital of Baja California Sur is the entity with the lowest perception of insecurity, reaching 21.8%, while Los Cabos ranks third with 26.9%. Merida, Yucatan, ranks second with 22.1%.

It should be mentioned that, the national average is 67.8 %, that is, 3 times more than what La Paz registers and just more than double that obtained in the municipality of Cabeño; data that are based on the National Urban Public Security Survey of September.  

“Probably due to the effect of confinement, the perception of security improved in most destinations, decreasing the number of cities that exceed the national average. However, some major destinations maintain high rates,” the agency in charge detailed.

After announcing the prominent posts of La Paz and Los Cabos, dozens of citizens expressed pride in their positions, noting that work must be done to continue to lower levels of insecurity.